Saffron spice storage

Basic tips to store saffron at optimum quality

How to store saffron Spice

Although we at UK Saffron try to provide the most suitable packaging for your purchase, there are other factors that needs to be considered after you have received your delivery.

On the label it has been mentioned “Store in cool and dry place” but what do we mean exactly by this? What other factors should be considered to keep the saffron’s quality and freshness?

Storage duration

After you have unpacked the saffron, pay attention to the “Best Before” date. Saffron normally lasts for more than two years. However, depending on the storage conditions, the quality might drop over time and the product might lose its effect. So we recommend you to read the followings carefully in order to keep the quality longer.

Primary factors to keep the saffron at high quality.

Firstly, as mentioned above, consider the “best before” use date and try to consume the product sooner.

The biggest danger to saffron threads is humidity. Some people keep their purchases in the fridge. We do NOT recommend this method. As there are many drinks kept in the fridge, the ambient inside has higher humidity than the outside. Moreover, the temperature changes resulted from opening and closing the door, creates condensation, hence more humidity is absorbed by the threads.

Secondly, it is strongly recommended to keep the product air tight. Both packaging (conventional and premium) provided on our website, have the ability to deliver this option.

Keep the product away from the heat. Places in the kitchen that are close to the oven or radiators are not suitable to keep the saffron. Direct sunlight has negative effect on the quality of the product as well, so make sure that you also keep the container away from the direct sunlight.

The best option is to keep the jar or pack in the cabinet away from sunlight and the oven. Drawers are good options as they are often made with wooden door which does not absorb heat.

The optimum condition to keep the saffron is at low humidity normally below 30% and low temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.  


Saffron spice cabinet


Benefits of packaging available at our shop

The conventional packaging has the zip tight. After each consumption you can seal the package again to create the air lock and therefore keep the freshness.

With the cork lid in saffron premium packaging, you also get the advantage to keep the product air tight. Make sure that you push the cork back on the jar properly.

Why we use 0.5 gram sachets

As explained above, the biggest threat to the spice is humidity. Once you have opened the package for consumption, the rest of the product is exposed to humidity. This is absorbed by the threads and remains until the next time you open the container for consumption.

UK-saffron has packed all the product in dry condition in 0.5 gram sachets. Therefore each time you want to use the saffron you open one or two sachets (depending on what you are making) and leave the rest of the product sealed and air tight.

In this case every time you open one sachet, the smell and freshness is widely noticed and the rest of the product is kept untouched.

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