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Making Saffron Tea

Why Saffron Tea?

As explained in the “Benefits of Saffron” article in this website, Saffron has many benefits. Anti-depression, mode booster, anti-cancer just to name a few. Since the saffron itself has bitter taste, it is hard to be consumed by itself. Making saffron tea is the best and easiest option to consume saffron.

The tea itself mixed with more herbs and spices is the perfect suit for an afternoon tea after long day of work. The recipe is flexible and you can use your imagination and taste to modify it your way.

How to make Saffron Tea

As mentioned above, Saffron tea has many benefits and it could be the best choice of herbal tea to have every now and then. Making saffron tea includes leaving the threads in the hot water for few minutes to get the taste, color and smell. However, the taste could be so bitter, that’s why we recommend the following recipe to making it pleasant with the help of some spices.


  1.        0.25 gram saffron (half of a sachet)
  2.        1 spoon of honey
  3.       1 small stick of cinnamon
  4.        2 lemon wedges
  5.        7-8 mint leaves

You might also need Mortar and its bowl to make the saffron powder.

saffron tea

First fill a saucepan (non-Teflon) with half a liter of water and heat it until the water starts boiling. Reduce the heat to the minimum just to keep the temperature at boiling degree.

Add half a sachet of saffron threads and stir gently for few seconds. Add one spoon of honey, small stick of cinnamon, lemon wedges and the mint leaves. Stir gently for half a minute. Cover the saucepan and leave it for five to eight minutes. Make sure that the heat is not too high that the water boils.

After five to eight minutes, strain the mixture and serve it hot in small cups. You could also add few threads of saffron and put a lemon wedge on the side.

Second Approach

 There is another way to make the saffron tea. Some people use the actual white tea to make the taste closer to the normal tea. In this scenario you might use less saffron in the mixture. Before starting the process. You would need to grind the saffron (less than half a sachet) along with a tea spoon of sugar using mortar and its bowl.

Heat the water in the saucepan to the boiling temperature as explained before. Add one teaspoon of white tea, honey, cinnamon, lemon wedges and the mint and stir for one minute. Then mix the saffron – sugar powder and leave it for five to eight minutes. Strain and serve the tea.

Please note that leaving the saffron in the water for too long may make it bitter. Especially UK-Saffron’s product as it has strong scent and taste thanks to high quality of the product.  

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