Saffron ice-cream recipe

Recipe of saffron ice-cream

How to make saffron ice-cream

Saffron ice-cream is a dairy product. It is extremely tasty and enjoyable for those who do not like consuming dairy products. It is also a great treat in hot summer days. The recipe is quite easy and it can be made in less than an hour. In this article the procedure to make 5 portion of this desert is explained. Depending on how much you are going to make, you can reduce or increase the ingredients proportionally.


  1. 1 glass of sugar
  2. 4 glass of milk
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 1/3 of spoon vanilla
  5. 1/3 of spoon saffron
  6. 1/3 of spoon cardamom
  7. ½ spoon Salep
  8. 1 glass of rosewater

You’d also need Mortar and its bowl to make the saffron powder

First pour four glasses of milk in a saucepan and put them on the oven with mild heat. Bring out a medium sized bowl, break the eggs inside it and start whisking the eggs. Then add the salep, sugar and vanilla and start mixing until they are uniformly mixed.

Now it is time to add the mixture in the saucepan of hot milk. Please note that the mixture must be added before milk is reached to its boiling temperature.

After adding the mixture to the milk, start steering it gently until it starts to boil. Once it started boiling, remove the saucepan from the oven .Add the rosewater to the saucepan and steer it for couple more minutes.

Open up one sachets of saffron and pour half of it into a bowl. Start grinding it with the help of Mortar until all the saffron threads are grinded and proper powder is achieved. Pour the saffron powder into the saucepan and mix it for two more minutes.

saffron powder recipe

Leave the mixture until it is cooled down to room temperature. Pour the mixture into a steel dish and put it in the freezer.

Take out the ice-cream from freezer after one hour, mix it for a minute and put it back in the freezer. Repeat this stage for three times. Meaning, for three hours, take out the ice-cream out of freezer every hour, mix it for a minute and put it back in the freezer. This helps to make the ice-cream stickier.

Remember to decorate the ice-cream with some threads of saffron and pistachio before serving!

Saffron ice-cream recipe

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